Chiropractic Testimonials

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

Comprehensive Health Clinics Patient Testimonial

"I have been seeing Dr. Volker for chronic sciatica. I as a bit doubtful at first but after several visits I am in far less pain than I have been for years. Dr. Volker explained every step of the way and the improvement was fantastic."

- Otis

"I’ve been one of Art’s patients for 35 years. He takes care of my back issues. About 3-4 years ago he suggested I enroll in Wendy’s core strengthening classes. Those classes have made a tremendous difference in my back pain!"

- Wuornos

"I’ve been coming for about 30 years as needed and have always had excellent care from Dr. Art Volker and his team. The quality of care is excellent and the staff is friendly and caring. I get in and out of my appointments in a timely manner and appreciate the reasonable price of service. I would highly recommend Comprehensive Health Clinics to all needing chiropractic care!"

- Scheil

"Dr. Art Volker is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is caring and always makes you feel at ease. Our family has trusted his care for over 20 years."

- Sorn

"Going to CHC is great. I can go in with so much pain in my back and leave with a smile on my face. My appointments are on time. They fix me usually in one trip. They don’t have you come back time and again. Thank you so much for keeping my 79 year old bones going."

- Darling

"Dr. Volker and David the physical therapist have helped me a great deal. They diagnosed my rather complicated condition. Treatment was successful allowing me to do what I want to do, now pain free. Thank you!"

- Strewlow

"I am 80 years old and had knee pain. I was looking for a chiropractor. My doctor and two neighbors recommended Dr. Volker. I have been very satisfied and would recommend him to everyone."

- Gilman

"I have received a variety of treatments, but Dr. Art Volker has brought a comprehensive plan with great results. I appreciate the warm professional staff and the clean facility. I will recommend this facility to everyone."

- Tragethon

"I have been going to Comprehensive Health Clinics for my injury. If it wasn’t for the professional and caring staff I probably wouldn’t be able to have the mobility to do what I need to do to take care of myself every day, drive my car, and walk without a cane or walker. I am thankful for Comprehensive Health Clinics and wonderful staff."

- Durham

"This is the best place ever to go for treatments. I have been going there for about 15 years and I highly recommend them. Everyone is very nice and their work is the best!"

- Heiderscheid

"I have always been very happy with Dr. Volker’s treatments. I come in with pain and often am unable to step up a stair or curb without hanging onto someone’s arm. The treatment makes it possible to walk out on my own without pain or back spasms. I am so thankful."

- Oakes

"Dr. Volker has been such a life saver over the years, 35, in fact. If he feels you need something else to help you he will refer you. He is a good resource. The staff is very friendly and competent. If you need help try him first."

- Godeen

"The whole staff at Comprehensive Health Clinics are very courteous and make going there a pleasant experience. Excellent care, very  thorough and listen closely to your concerns. You will never find a better place to care for you."

- Gotfredson

"I am 68 years young and had a bout of plantar fasciitis for the first time. I needed it gone because of a basketball commitment I needed to fill in June. Dr. Art Volker worked on it for 7 sessions and I am basically pain free and can run again. Thank you Dr. Volker!"

- Erickson

"A visit to this clinic when my back pain acts up is very beneficial! Surgery is not an option! This works! I am 80 years old and I feel my health care needs are in great hands."

- Dahlstrom

"I have seen Dr. Art off and on over the last 35 years. His office staff is always welcoming and friendly when I arrive. I have always been able to schedule and appointment within a few days of when I need it. Dr. Art is very informative, gives good advice, and is always very helpful."

- Selin

"I and my family have been patients at Comprehensive Health Clinics for years. Sports injuries, vehicle accidents, headaches, and more. The professionals at this clinic have shared their expertise and gotten us back on track. Recently, I benefited from both the chiropractic care and physical therapy. I truly believe this collaborative approach to my healing caused a speedier recovery and a better long-term outcome. I am very grateful to have this progressive medical approach in my community!"

- Nault

"Over 20 years of care, my visits have always been very pleasant. I’ve been going many years and see Dr. Arthur Volker for my many horse related injuries, skiing and other sports issues. Without his great care and talent I’d be medicated, in a brace or worse. My back and neck were very bad and headaches were relieved after a good treatment. I limp in and walk out straighter, always smiling!"

- Hanenburg

"A friend recommended Dr. Art Volker to me. He and his staff have taken excellent care of mea and all of my health and pain needs for 40 years. I appreciate the pleasant atmosphere and that he doesn’t keep me coming back unnecessarily. I am 95 years of age now and will depend on his help my remaining years."

- Brask

"I have come for chiropractic care for years. I come in for my problem and it usually is taken care of the first visit. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They have many programs to help you. Please check them out."

- Strike

"I have been very pleased with the care I have received. They are so kind. They never tell you to come back unless they know you need another treatment, they let the patient decide. They will say ‘see how you feel’."

- Brom

"The warm and friendly service that you receive at Comprehensive Health Clinics is outstanding. Dr. Volker’s experience and knowledgeable treatments have always helped me when needed. I can whole heartedly recommend Comprehensive Health Clinics as a place to visit for your health needs. There are also many other health services at the clinic."

- Olson

"Dr. Art Volker works miracles. I had an accident 2 years prior to seeing him. I tore my shoulder and have been to other chiropractors and massages could not get the pain out of my neck. After 2visits I was back to new. Simply amazing."

- M. Mossberg


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